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Window Films

Why do we need window films?
Glass has become a major feature of buildings in recent years. However, glass can bring certain problems:

  • An increased amount of Solar Heat enters buildings. This often results in discomfort and the need for mechanical cooling, which is costly both financially and environmentally
  • Glass is aesthetically pleasing but becomes a safety threat when shattered
  • Glass cannot provide privacy, without losing light or visibility
  • Solar Glare is a problem, especially for screen users

The Benefits of window films:

  • Solar Heat rejection up to 80%
  • Glare reduction up to 95%
  • Minimises the danger of flying glass
  • Reduces injury from personal impact
  • Creates visual security and privacy
  • Enhances glazing security
  • Energy Saving
  • Enhanced building aesthetics
  • Creates a uniform appearance
  • Maintains the view and natural light levels
  • Rejects up to 99% of Ultra Violet light
  • Reduces fading of interior

Window Films


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